Mass Promo Codes – WHMCS


Mass Promo Codes provides you an ability to generate mass promo codes in your WHMCS not only that, this add-on comes with more features.

  • Generate Mass Promo Codes
  • Export Generated Promo Codes
  • Add Prefix and/or Suffix to Generated Promo Codes
  • Import Promo Codes
  • Add Prefix & Suffix to Imported Promo Codes
  • WHMCS Admin Homepage Widget to Import Promo Codes
  • Set Default Prefix/Suffix for Promo Codes



How to Install:

  1. Buy and Download Addon
  2. Extract the zip file in “WHMCS_Directory/modules/addons” directory
  3. Activate Addon from “Setup -> Addon Modules” Menu

Please Note:

  • Your download link will be valid for 1 week (7 days)
  • You can only download the addon 7 times after buying
  • If you are facing issues downloading the zip file, do not hesitate to leave me a message.