Importance of Website Maintenance

Why Should I go for Website Maintenance?  It’s just a waste of money!

This is something I hear a lot.

In this era where new technologies hit our doors every day, nobody wants to stay behind. When you run an online business or have an online presence of your local business, everything should all be set 24/7. There are 5 major things involved when you have a website or any web application, which are:

  1. Regular Updates
  2. Security
  3. Anti-Malware Protection
  4. Optimization
  5. Backups

Regular Updates

Today, we are living in a world where people work 24/7 on new technologies and make their existing products even more better. Being a part of this community and especially to stay safe we should keep ourselves update all the time. People will take advantage if you are using old technologies or version of any application which might have vulnerabilities and they will breach your application or website. You really don’t want that because you might end up losing everything you have.


This is the most important thing when you have an online presence, without security, there is no safety. and without safety its a nightmare. You definitely want to have your security tighten up so that nothing can get in or out without your permission. Researchers work every day to find the vulnerabilities in the existing programs, applications, and software but so does the hackers and use them to hit those who think having a maintenance plan is a waste of money and keep their websites and application unsecured or with outdated security techniques.

Anti-Malware Protection

I’ve done most of my freelancing cleaning people’s websites from malware or viruses. Trust me, you don’t want to be a victim of malware to understand how important is it to have website maintenance to keep this malware and viruses away from your websites. Malware opens a backdoor to your website and worst case it can corrupt your data and even make it go away forever.


After all the security, updates, and protection from malware, there is another important factor which website maintenance covers which is Optimization of website or application. This is something your clients would want you to have more than you do. Because people hate slow websites and application. In this busy world, no one has time to wait for your website to load so they can do something. They will just find someone better than you. You need to keep everything fast as a bullet to attract clients and visitors and for that, you are gonna need the best optimization of your website.


Last but not least, Backups are as important as every other thing I explained above. You need to have regular backups to make sure you are covered in case something happens to your servers, you accidentally delete a folder in your website, a new update of an addon or plugin messed it up or anything similar. In this Online world, you need to be prepared for anything so nothing can stop you.


Keeping the CMS, Add-ons and Plugins updated, Security tighten-up, Anti-Malware Protection, Optimization, Backups can make you unstoppable. Above all, you will not have to worry about these things and focus on your business. You can work on expanding business instead of worrying that what might go wrong?


Conclusion: Everybody with a website or web application needs a Maintenance Plan but “How to get the right one?” is another discussion.