“Device does not have Bluetooth” Error in WIndows 10

Are you facing an error “device does not have Bluetooth”?

Are you unable to find your Bluetooth device in  Device Manager?


I’ve faced the same issue in the past few days, and trust me it made me crazy when I couldn’t find any solution. First, I thought it’s just some issue with Windows 10 after the update. But it was not. Please follow the following steps to fix the Ghost Bluetooth. :p

Before going any further be advised that this tutorial will only help you if you have a Bluetooth device on your laptop. There is no magic to get one 😀

What do you need?

  1. Rufus  [1.1 MB]
  2. Ubuntu (Linux) ISO [1.9 GB]
  3. USB Device [atleast 4GB]

If you have everything you are going to need, let’s do it.

  1. Open Rufus (Run as Administrator)
  2. In Rufus Choose your USB Device and in the Boot selection section click the SELECT button.
  3. Choose the Ubuntu ISO you downloaded from the above link I provided and Click START
  4.   Then Hit YES to download Syslinux files and then choose the recommended mode Write in ISO image mode (Recommended) and click OK
  5. Wait for the process to complete. After it completes, Reboot your pc and select the bootable USB device as your first device to boot in the boot manager.
  6. Ubuntu Operating system will load, and it will give you two options,
    1. Try Ubuntu
    2. Install Ubuntu (Do not click install ubuntu in any case, unless you know what it will do)
  7. Please choose “Try Ubuntu“, it will load Ubuntu OS.
  8. Hit Start button or Application Button in the left bottom corner. Write “Settings” and open the Settings App.
  9. Go to Bluetooth Tab from the left menu and turn it on. Make sure you pair a device after turning on the Bluetooth. After successful pairing, remove the USB and restart your PC.
  10. Boot into Windows 10 and Voila, You have a Bluetooth device now in Windows 10.